The Hosting Hub

Calming Influences Hosting Hub

We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our offerings at Calming Influences: the Hosting Hub. This is a platform which will allow you to put your own courses online, and make them available to everybody on the internet. Whether you've longed to share your expertise through a specific online course or are in the process of establishing your own holistic school or academy, this announcement is for you! Keep reading to discover how our Hosting Hub can support your course ambitions.

What does the Hosting Hub offer?

The hosting hub offers you a powerful and flexible tool to allow you to make your courses available to people not only local to you, but to anybody with access to the internet. Your course can be split into bite-sized modules, which each contain text, videos, audio files and other learning aids such as workbooks, worksheets and quizzes. Your course can be on any subject related to health, well-being, or complementary or alternative therapies.

How are courses set up?

You provide the course material, including any videos, images and text files, and we do the rest. You need no technical knowledge at all, just a wish to get your course out there. Normally courses can be up and running in less than 2 weeks.

How much does it cost?

To minimize your initial investment we have structured our pricing into two separate costs. Firstly, an initial set-up fee which will get your course up and running. The second part of the cost is a fee per student, which is due as each student registers for your course. This structured approach ensures our services are accessible and cost effective to you.

Do courses just need to be online?

No, to give your students the best possible experience, you may want to offer a blended course. This includes learning which is not in the online module. Many of Calming Influences blended courses offer either a face-to-face session at the start of the course, for example, our Essential Oils Practitioner certificate offers a blending workshop to cover the practical, but the main essential oil learning, is contained in learning modules which can be completed by the student at any time. Another of Calming Influences blended courses is the Reflexology supporting the menopause course, where the materials for learning are contained in the online modules, but before the students finish the course and get their certificate, they need an individual tutorial, either in the CI treatment room, or via Zoom, to check that they understand all of the protocols, such as the protocol for hot flushes.

Do you offer any other help setting up a school?

Yes, we do. When you are setting up a school or academy offering reflexology, massage, aromatherapy or Indian Head massage the workload initially can be overwhelming. By using the materials and experience of Calming Influences, who have been running courses for over 20 years, you can concentrate on what is most important to you. For example, if you wanted to use the hosting hub to deliver the anatomy you need for your course, it is a simple matter to set up the modules you need and give you students access, freeing you up to concentrate on everything else which needs to be done.

We offer a range of options which can help you:

icon Anatomy and Physiology modules: we can provide anatomy and physiology modules for your students' study when it suits the student. Learning materials include videos, PDFs, worksheets and quizzes to test student knowledge.

icon Core learning materials for reflexology, aromatherapy, massage and Indian Head massage courses.

icon Business, complementary therapy and health and safety modules online modules.

icon Templates for all of the policies and procedures you will need both to run your school and comply with awarding body and legal requirements.

icon Support through the accreditation process. Accrediation is important for qualification courses so that your qualifications are recognised and students can gain insurance to practice.

icon Verification and assessment help to set up your initial procedures and provide ongoing verification support (which is required by most accreditors). Charged at an hourly rate.

icon Lesson plans to help you deliver the course material for aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and Indian Head Masasge.

icon Support to gain your assessors and internal verification qualifications if required.

icon A link from the Calming Influences website (currently being updated).

Whether you wish to start small, by offering a single course, or wish to run your own complementary therapy school or academyl, we can help.

If you would like more information please get in touch as we can set up an initial telephone or Zoom call.