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Would you like to run your own school?

Running your own Reflexology, Massage or Aromatherapy school can be very rewarding. It allows you to share the knowledge you have built up with your therapies with your own students. But when you first set up the amount you need to learn and the time it takes to write all of your learning materials can be truly daunting. This is where Calming Influences can help.

We can provide you with:

icon Access for you and your learners to the Calming Influences online platform which allows learners access to your learning materials at any time they wish.

icon All of the learning materials you need for your school, including videos, PDFs, worksheets and quizzes to test student knowledge.

icon Updated learning materials, both to reflect the latest learning and any changes in the sylabus

icon Support through the accreditation with your chosen awarding body. This is important so that your qualifications are recognised and students can gain insurance to practice.

icon Templates for all of the policies and procedures you will need both to run your school and comply with awarding body and legal requirements.

icon Help and advice to help you through your assessment process and your internal verification process.

icon In some cases internal verification can be carried out remotely by Calming Influences

icon Lesson plans to help you deliver the course material

icon Short CPD courses to keep your graduates engaged with your school

icon Access to online courses which again will increase your revenue with minimum effort.

icon Use of the Calming Influences trademarked name, as much or as little as you like. Having a known name can help establish a new school

icon Help and advice gaining your teaching qualification

icon Support to gain your assessors and internal verification qualifications

icon A page on the Calming Influences website (currently being updated).

When running a school as a franchisee of Calming Influences, you will still own your school, you will make all of the decisions, but we will help and support you all the way through the process.


What is Franchising?

Franchising is a business model which allows multiple businesses, each owned by a separate person or company, to trade using the same brand name and share resources. The franchise is established by a legal document, plus policies, procedures and methodologies. Franchising can make a new business easier to establish, as it is based on a known brand, but also reduces the cost of running the business because key resources, for example student learning packs, are produced once by the parent business and made available, as part of the franchise agreement, to all franchisee businesses. This sharing of resources, policies, procedures and methodologies, ensures the quality of the parent business is maintained.

What payments are required?

Franchising a business involves payment of an initial fee, to cover both the purchase of the franchise and initial training and onboarding, followed by a yearly fee for use of the franchise, as well as maintaining and updating resources. The price you pay will depend on which courses you choose to offer.

How long do you need to commit?

Franchise agreements are normally for a fixed term and can be renewed at the end of the term. For Calming Influences the initial term is 5 years after which the franchise can be renewed yearly.

Which Courses are Included?

Available to include in the franchise are the three main diplomas, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage, but shorter courses, such as Indian Head Massage and Healthy eating, as well as one day and online courses. You can choose which courses to include in your franchise and this will be reflected in the cost to you.

What is Calming Influences?

Calming Influences is a holistic therapy training school which has been trading for 21 years and has been incorporated as a limited company since 2005. The school is well respected, trusted within the industry and enjoys a considerable amount of good will from past students. The school offers comprehensive training courses meeting national occupational standards which allow students to join the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC, cnhc.org.uk), Association of Reflexologists (AoR, aor.org.uk) and Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT, fht.org.uk), once qualified.
Currently the school runs one long course each year, comprising the Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage diplomas. There are dedicated practical sessions per course but all common elements are taught to all students, making best use of resources.

Would you like more information?

If you would like more information please get in touch as we can set up an initial Zoom call. If you then like what you hear, after you have signed a non-disclosure agreement, we provide you with a additional details, including pricing.

Email: Franchise@CalmingInfluences.com