Calming Influences Courses and Prices


Please find below information about the courses run by Calming Influences. For more information about each course, please click on the course name. Long courses may be paid for in installments via direct debit or standing order. All fees are non refundable but courses may be deferred by agreement with Calming Influences.


Qualification Courses

FHT Accredited Aromatherapy

14th October 2023


This level 3 FHT Accredited course complies with the national occupational standards and is suitable as a first qualification. It is delivered by a mixture of practical and remote sessions and includes both essential oil and massage modules.

Face to Face Dates:

to be confirmed

First Monday of each month Zoom session 6 to 7.

60 Case study treatments, short multi-choice test and evidence folder required. You need to complete 3 practical assessmenta and following this course you may gain insurance and practice professionally.

The theory for this course can be started at any time.

£350 deposit required to secure your place with the remaining fees paid monthly by standing order over 15 months.

Discount for existing therapists with a valid anatomy and physiology certificate and for those therapists with a valid massage certificate.


Continuing Professional Development Courses


Save Your Thumbs

Face to Face March 2024


Online with individual tutorial £90

This course will allow you to introduce the use of the Reflexology Wand into your existing reflexology routine, as well as incorporating additional massage techniques and the use of bamboo or cotton squares. This is a course for qualified reflexologists. You are required to complete a workbook before the practical session. Click here for more information about this course

FHT Accredited Course

Enhancing Reflexology Practice for Menopausal Symptom Management



This comprehensive online course is perfect if you are looking to help women who are approaching or going through the menopause. This course focuses on gaining an in-depth understanding of the body's hormonal system and utilizes specialized reflexology protocols to address menopausal symptoms.

This comprehensive course is for qualified refelxology practitioners.

This is the first course on menopause from Calming Influences and is available to all students who register by 1st January 2024 for £77. Zoom sessions are 6th January at 10am, 15th January at 6pm and 22nd January at 6pm. Additionally you will need to book an individual zoom, at a time to suit you for me to check your practical (you will need to provide a client for this session).

Reflexology supporting Fertility

March 2024


The course is for qualified reflexology practitioners, and is a blended course, with a small amont of preparation work, a one day face to face workshop, and case studies.

There are many different reflexology courses looking at reflexology and fertility, but this course takes a natural approach. Just reflexology is really good at helping clients to fall pregnant. In this course you will discover why this is, take you through the physical and emotional journey couples go through, learn about assisted conception tecniques and and also learn some new reflexology techniques to enhance your treatment of clients wanting to conceive. This course focusses on the endocrine system and the effect of stress body hormones.

The course both helps you understand the journey to conception, as well as giving you more confidence treating pregnant clients, including specific guidance on areas to work for some of the symptoms of pregnancy and some of the conditions, such as PCOS, which can have an impact on fertility.

New this year, this course also includes details of the research studies which have been carried out in this area.

Case studies required - 2 people x 3 treatments. You are required to complete a workbook before the practical session. Click here for more information about this course.

Facial Reflexology

March 2024


FHT Accredited Course

Facial Reflexology

Online course, with individual turorial, available now.

This course is for qualified reflexology practitioners and is available face to face at the QE2 centre in Bursledon. 12 case study treatments required plus a workbook as well as a small amount of preparation work.

Click here for more information about this course

The online coures is available to start at any time. As well as completion of all online materials and a workbook, students must attend a 90 minute Zoom practical tutorial to check their technique and answer any questions they have. This must be completed before the student starts their 12 case study treatments. To book onto this course directly acces the Calming Influences remote learning platform which is avaiable at


Essential Oils Practitioners Certificate - Introduction


19th November 2023

The Essential Oils Practitioner Certificate - Introduction takes 14 essential oils and shows therapists how to use them to produce a blend specifically for their client using the essential oils covered in the course.

This course comprises a one day face to face blending workshop, and online content which can be started at any time.

FHT Accredited course

An Introduction to Aromaflex £320

Aromaflex Practitioners- Full Course £1020

19th November 2023



The Introduction to Aromaflex course takes 14 essential oils and shows reflexologists how to use them to produce a blend specifically for their client.

The full Aromaflex course is for reflexologists who wish to use the full range of aromatherapy oils taught in the L3 Aromatherapy diploma, within their reflexology treatments.

Attendance and online course required for both courses.

Click here for more information about this course

Reflexology Refresher course


This course is designed to help you return to reflexology, refreshing your technique and your reflexology knowledge. Includes information, videos, and a Zoom or in-person tutorial.

Click here for more information about this course or Click here to enrol

Healthy Eating



This Calming Influences 10 week on line courses available for you to start now! Click here for more information about this course or Click here to enrol

A Calming Influences certificate will be issued on successful completion of the course workbook.

Diseases of the Older Client



Modules include : Heart problems, Diabetes, Cancer, COPD, Arthritis, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Skin, Foot changes and comorbidities. This course includes general information which is useful whatever therapy you practice. You can sign up for this online course by following this link click here


Just for Fun course


Aromatherapy Blending Workshop


19th November 2023


This course is for anybody who would like to know more about using essential oils. You do not need any prior knowledge in order to attend. During this one day course not only will you learn about some lovely essential oils but you will come away with some aromatherapy gifts you have made yourself using essential oils chosen by you for you.

To book this course any of the courses below please complete an application form and send with full payment.